We are on our way to Switzerland in a few hours from but wanted to make sure we let you know how very happy we are with the ceremony you conducted, many people complemented it and thought you had known us for a long time. We should have some good pictures to send you, we'll be in touch. 

Best, Jason & Meredith

We loved our ceremony!
We received so many compliments on our ceremony. A lot of our friends said that they loved the Rabbi and that the ceremony was so beautiful and that it was the best ceremony they'd ever seen!
Khan & Erin

Alina and I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the wonderful job you did at our wedding. Your ability to translate one culture into another was uncanny, and very well spoken. Everyone is still talking about the Guitar and how fun it was for them to witness and experience our wedding, and we are forever grateful that it was because of you, that it was more of an experience than a "normal ceremony". You took the time to translate ancient traditions into lamens terms for those in attendance who maybe were unaware, and gave everyone a little involvement in our big day. So again, thank you for all you did, (especially making sure I wasn't dropped off of the chair), and for making mine and my wife's wedding, a day we'll not soon forget!!!

We couldn't have chosen better people to co-officiate our wedding.. everyone said it was the most wonderful and fun and beautiful ceremony they have ever been to.. and we had such a great experience.. it was beautiful.. The gentle and reassuring approach that both, you and Father David infused into our ceremony put to rest any concerns with respect to our choice of an interfaith marriage..
We loved the energy between you and Father David and your singing was beautiful!! It was more than we could have asked for.. Thank you so much for making it such a great experience for us and our guests!!
with love, Anna and David

Thank you so much for a wonderful, funny, interesting and very memorable ceremony! All of our guests were so impressed with you.  Most of the time Wedding ceremonies are long, boring and dull.  Yours was just the opposite.  You delivered everything that you promised and much more! Again, thank you for everything.  Please use our names for future references.

Love, Michael and Natalya

We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making us officially family!  You did an amazing job and we plan to keep in touch.  Everyone truly enjoyed the ceremony and its all thanks to you!
Photos will be on the way!
Yeshnaya and Mike

"Our ceremony was perfectly beautiful. Steve Blane made it personal and intimate, just as we wanted it. He even mentioned our beloved dog Juana and read words in Spanish so that my grandmother could understand!! We are very very grateful!!" Mariangella & Ansley

Wow was that a dream come true -
I cannot thank you enough - people have been calling us - going on about how much they loved you as our rabbi and how they are all going to convert now - hehe...
I will for sure send you pictures - 
We must stay in touch - and we would love to come to one of your services so please let us know where -
you are fabulous and I hope our months of back and forth communication was worth it - I know it was for me and my HUSBAND (wow) l
ove mia

You added so much!!! I have been telling everyone that this was the best service in which I have been involved.  I know that the ceremony will always be cherished by Erik & Tina...so unique....so special...After the ceremony was completed everyone was telling me how great it was...what a success!! And Rabbi.....it was because of YOU!! Thanks for the great experience. 

Shalom, Judge Matt

Thanks so much for everything. You were a smash hit!
Quisha & Rob

Thank you so much for officiating at the wedding. You were great! It made our day awesome and everyone has told us how great our ceremony was! We have heard nothing but good things! 
Thanks again for everything! We will definitely stay in touch!
Nikki & Gary


Thank you so much!!!!! The ceremony was everything I could have asked for. Everyone was coming up to me and asking about you. They thought you were wonderful and loved the ceremony.
I will send pictures soon...
Thanks for everything,
Sam and Brandon

Here are is an album of pics one of our friends took during the ceremony... thank you so much for your kind words in your email - we appreciate them and the beautiful ceremony you put together for us! We look forward to staying in touch with you.  As an aside, it looks like we have a common friend.  A close friend of mine from law school...  Speak with you soon.
Stu and Jill

Bob and I feel that it was an honor to have you officiate at our wedding.  We are both very fond of you.  Thank you for the kind words.  Stay well, and keep in touch!

I don't even know where to begin. First, I want to thank you for an amazing ceremony. Many of the people there have never been to a Jewish wedding and I am so glad you were able to be their first experience. I can' t tell you how many people came up to us to tell us how much they enjoyed our ceremony. Many people told us it was the best ceremony they have ever been to and I have to agree. It was the perfect mix of comedy and sincerity and I along with everyone else loved every minute of it. Minister Anthony was also a wonderful choice. He was warm and caring and we both really enjoyed working with him. Oh and the music was such a great addition to the ceremony! It's funny even before your email Shawn and I were talking about coming to see one of your services. You just have to let us know where you will be so we can come see a service. Thank you again for everything it was even better then Shawn and I could have ever imagined.   Shawn & Stephanie

Thanks again for officiating our wedding it was a wonderful ceremony that we will remember fondly always. We will be sure to send you pictures once we receive them from the photographer.  Boris & Jeanette

Dear RB-
The "reviews" have been unanimously positive. Even my brother was impressed! The consensus is you were superb: the service was not too long, the "congregants" could sing along and participate with the service, the transliterated prayers were easy to follow (many, as I said, confessed they had trouble reading Hebrew), and there was no cereal filler. You were quite a hit, with quite a few guests saying they wish they lived closer by so that could "join" Sim Shalom, or that you lived in their area. Your voice was much complimented, and people truly enjoyed and appreciated your humanity and humour. We were so pleased with the Bar Mitzvah training and service, and quite happy Tom was able to prepare under your patient tutelage. 
All the best, V&G  

Hi Rabbi Blane,
Happy New Year!  Mike & I thank you again for performing the Jewish ceremony and for the good wishes on our marriage. 
The overall feedback received on the ceremony was positive.  Our guests enjoyed the service and many even commented on your musical talent. 
 Best regards, 
Angela & Mike         

Rabbi Steve,

Thank you for a most enjoyable experience at Mary Beth and Ian’s wedding. You are a good man and great to work with!

Have a good Winter!

Father Steve   

Rabbi Blane,
Thanks so much for being a part of our wedding day.  The words you spoke were so special to us and we are so glad you were able to officiate!  You were the perfect choice!
My mom actually couldn't stop talking about how handsome you were and everyone kept saying that the ceremony was just perfect!  We couldn't have picked a more perfect spot.  Thanks for all your advice and kind words of wisdom.
Best regards,

Rabbi Blane-
I can't tell you how much I appreciated your "officiation" of the wedding!  You were superb and I can't thank you enough.  :)

Thank you Rabbi Steve.  
Everyone said it was one of the nicest ceremonies they have been to.  I'll be sure to send you the pictures as soon as I get some!

Aloha Rabbi Blane! 
We just got back from our trip a week ago and had a blast in Portugal and Morocco.  We haven't forgotten about what you did for us and words can't convey the gratitude we feel for having you as our officiant.  You saved our wedding!  We didn't know what to do with ourselves when that thunderstorm hit! But your calm positive attitude was so reassuring, it helped us get through the morning. You were also our voice of reason when we thought we could brave the storm and I thank god for your sound suggestions and for your kindness in offering your apartment to us! Our wedding reaffirmed my belief that sometimes you just need to let go and put it in the hands of god-and if you have a heart full of the best intentions, things will work themselves out...  and it did. It really did.  I couldn't have asked for more.  Thank you also for the beautiful ceremony.  Your genuine sincerity and eloquent speech made the moment so meaningful and unforgettable.  So thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being so kind, considerate, and doing whatever you could to make it happen for us.  It was a blessing to have you a part of our wedding! If you are ever in Hawaii, please also look us up, we'd love to show you the island.  Thanks again for everything!
Jose and Melissa 

Dear Steve,
I had a number of Mick's kids ask me how  you knew us so well? i think the energy i picked up on in your kindness and openness was so true to who you are. You brought light into our lovely day!! We just loved the ceremony!! 
hanks so so much!!

Rabbi Blane,
We hope this e-mail finds you well.  Attached are some pictures from our September wedding.  We wanted to thank you again for co officiating.  Our wedding was perfect and we thank you for being apart of it.
Thank you again,
Stacy & Thierry 

Hi Steve,

Thank you for being a good sport and coming to sea with us on a December day.  You made our ceremony simple but thoughtful- exactly how we wanted it!
Thank you,
Christa & Thor 

Jenneth & Mark's Wedding in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens